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Riviera Waterfront Caterer at Massapequa

In a continued partnership Stoff Media I spent today shooting as a Spokesperson for Riviera Waterfront Caterer at Massapequa. We did a guided walk through of the beautiful grounds, facilities, bridal suite and more. Their digital marketing videos are aimed to show off the newly renovated wedding and event venue which is right on the water facing the beautiful Great South Bay. Again, had a blast working on this gig and re-iterate that I look forward to helping more local Long Island Businesses create this type of content, it really is a must in today's world of social media marketing and digital commerce!

To view videos as they come out (as they are still not entirely published), subscribe to Riviera Waterfront Caterer's YouTube Channel here. Also, links to my specific performances on this Industrial/commercial project will be found on my Media tab.

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