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"El 12" Soccer Fan host with Telemundo & Copa90US

ONWARD! (With the hosting/media journey!) I heard about this casting call from an acquaintance I made at the hosting workshop, it was put out by a soccer fan company called Copa90 jointly with Telemundo. They were searching for "El 12" meaning "The 12th" - for those of you who don't know soccer teams play with 11 players - therefore they were seeking someone that was SUCH a big fan of their team they'd be like the 12th member. Furthermore, they were specifically searching for fan-hosts from the Latin American countries that will be going to the World Cup this June (COLOMBIA being one of them - Hurray!) I was instructed to submit a brief video explaining (and showing) why I would be the perfect fan-host: why I loved my team so much, how I was such a big fan, how I celebrated my team pride and followed my team. The winner of this submission would be sent a phone and a contract to crate digital vlog-style content reporting on the two International Friendly matches each one of these teams had in late March. I WON!!! The first match (Colombia vs. France) I reported and watched from Miami, where the warm weather and abundance of Colombia fans made it a fun and easy work day. Colombia beat France 3-2 which was an amazing way to start out this contract. The second match (Colombia vs. Australia) I reported from cold NY, and although the game ended with a 0-0 score, I had a great time meeting local Colombians and celebrating my national team pride. Stay tuned to @Copa90US and @Telemundo, @Telemundodeportes to see my footage airing soon to get us all (even more) excited for the upcoming World Cup!!!

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