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GLOBE FOR GOOD - My Travel Blog

As a result of my new journey in media creation and hosting, I have decided to launch a blog!! It is

intended to be an audio-visual blog (or what is commonly called a "Vlog") where instead of writing to share my experiences, I record and edit together short episodes with information and my thoughts. It is a TRAVEL blog, with the unique approach of being focused on doing more good while we travel, finding true purpose and meaning in travel and experiencing cultures through giving back to them! I am covering a different destination every week, and every weekend I will release the Episode pertinent to that location. In each episode I will highlight one of the many ways to specifically give back in each of those places - including connecting/supporting local artists, shopping small/local businesses, orphanages, foundations, wildlife conservation efforts, companies to shop from that give back to those communities and more. I will also include fun travel tips, anecdotes, advice on what to pack, where to go, what to eat and more. I encourage you to follow my journey and learn all about the places I've been lucky enough to visit and how you also, can be inspired to give more. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram at: @globeforgood

But most importantly!! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to watch my weekly episodes and be inspired by beautiful destinations and amazing causes to do more good in the world:

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