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On Hosting and new adventures!

I am exploring and learning about the world of hosting and media/journalism - YAY! It's funny because in my senior year of college I remember us being asked where we saw ourselves long term - in 5 or 10 years - professionally. Most of my classmates responded Broadway (which I of course would love too, and also I hope to see them all on Broadway because my graduating class was FIRE) but I thought long and hard about this answer. Although my first love is live theatre, I feel I have a talent for communicating at a more widespread and quotidian level, specifically as a host, and I actually answered that I saw myself possibly as a TV anchor or host, a path with more job security and longevity than theatre for sure, but also a pathway for me to use my charisma, bi-lingualism and culture to educate and inform to the Latino community (which I am so passionate about) or the diverse US population. Fast forward to 2018 and I am diving right into this new chapter of my career and LOVING IT! After taking a Hosting intensive weekend course with the fabulous Patricia Stark early this February at Actors Connection, I was able to gain some awesome knowledge, practice and connections into this new world. I am excited to see where this takes me and can already tell I absolutely love the idea of being/playing MYSELF, sharing information that has the potential to touch, reach and improve the lives of so many!

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