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Linda Ronstadt and the Holiday Season

"I am a believer in discipline; it takes a lot to do well. You need discipline for those little excursions into the chaotic that make life interesting". - Linda Ronstadt. Waited until the end of this experience to share some great shots - courtesy of my fabulous co-star's mom - and a snippet on how cool it was to learn about the lives of two stars as Iconic as Olivia Newton John and Linda Ronstadt. Yesterday we closed the original Musical Theatre Tribute show to the lives of Olivia Newton John and Linda Ronstadt which was playing at the Cultural and Educational Center in Stony Brook since late November. Getting to play Ronstadt was both a challenge and a joy, she is both a fiercely strong and unapologetic rock star and a vulnerable, mellow diva. My favorite part for sure was learning about her Mexican heritage, and how proud she is of it (WE NEED MORE OF THIS IN TODAY'S WORLD!), and to sing her song "La Charreada" from her album "Canciones de mi padre". A close second was definitely overcoming the fear of belting out "Blue Bayou", which started out being my most feared solo song and ended up being one of my most complex and favorites! Happy Holidays, cheers to a new year and in the words of Linda "I earned my success because I worked for it!", lets live life being grateful for our successes both little and big.

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