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¡TENEMOS QUE HABLAR! (We need to talk!)

You ever leave a place, text your friends/husband/family/significant other, and suddenly realize you have a dorky EAR-TO-EAR smile on your face staring at your cellphone strolling down 3rd Avenue??!! I wish I could have had a hidden camera because that was ME yesterday, leaving NTN24 studios in Manhattan. Through a contact from the hosting workshop (the gift that keeps on giving - seriously the value of networking is immeasurable) I was able to connect with the producer, director and host of a fabulous entertainment show called "Tenemos que Hablar" (In English 'We need to talk'), which airs on a Colombian International channel called Nuestra Tele. The show/channel is in Spanish, and is basically aimed towards Colombians and Spanish-speakers spread all over the globe (it's broadcast all over the world!). Alfonso Diaz, the amazing host, invited me to co-host his live-broadcast show yesterday, which records at NTN24 Studios in Manhattan. The show in general is so much fun, I can't even begin to describe how much fun I had being IN it. It was an incredible experience to learn about entertainment news and to learn from such a talented, experienced and generous colleague. I hope to be back on to visit soon!!

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