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ACES - Finding WOMENS' Voices in Media today

It has certainly been a while since I shared progress and an update on what I'm working on, but it has not been in vain! I have been busy working on many new and exciting projects, not the least of which has been enrolling in a Masters Degree program at New York Institute of Technology for Communication Arts. Fueled by a passion for media, hosting and creating digital content, I decided to take this step in furthering my training on camera as well as acquiring many other new tools to improve my writing, editing, filming, hosting skills and more.

As part of this journey, this semester I'm taking a class entitled "Globesville", which is basically a student run/produced online media channel at NYIT. Through this channel I've had the opportunity to help direct, write for, host, produce and edit my very own show (in collaboration with three other fabulous, talented ladies) entitled 'ACES'. It's an ode to female empowerment in today's media, breaking the glass ceiling of the stereotypes around women as well as teasing out some of the relevant political, social and entertainment issues of our generation and of today.

Dressed as a nun (my friend and classmate Cici) and myself (dressed as a gypsy) in costume for our ACES Halloween episode.

This journey is one that I am particularly proud of. I'm at a stage in my life where embarking on this kind of journey was a big step for me. One where I've had to abandon fears and self-consciousness around being myself on camera, to challenge myself in the fields of editing and producing engaging digital content, as well as sustain the funding and motivation for this venture all by myself. So, I encourage you to check out the work we put out, and watch us get better and better at it with each passing week. All of ACES Episodes get posted onto Globesville's YouTube Channel shortly after they are done being edited. Follow the link below to check it out, as well as all the other student run shows being created by my fellow classmates. Happy viewing and remember to keep the creative juices flowing!!!

On Set shooting our Halloween Special on the subject of "Being a Millennial"
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